With an opening line like that, how could any girl refuse?

Ok, so I am aware that I am not writing incredibly frequently, and also that out of a mere handful of posts, two have already been about my confused and often failing love life, but I got a message in my okcupid inbox today that just made me very confused about what young men today seem to see as the appropriate way to approach women. So here goes. I opened my inbox to find this:

“Important question!

Imagine it’s my birthday and you’re taking me out for dinner. I just got home and am hungry. You just got home as well but came from the gym and need to take a shower and get changed. How long does it take for you to get ready?

A) 30 minutes and you look HOT and I can’t keep my hands off of you?
B) 15 minutes and you look cute?
C) 2 hours and I die of starvation? ”

Guy was 24, so he might really have just been trying to ask if I was high maintenance or not (still… not in the first message, guys), but what he really came across as saying was “I don’t want to date a princesse, but I also don’t want to date a sack of muffins who can’t be bothered to put on a full face of makeup and some heels for dinners, amIright?”

I guess that the main thing that irks me about this message is that there is a certain segment of the population that has been brainwashed into selecting this image of women that is very particularly quaffed and made-up in a weirdly generic “hot” way. This segment of the population has decided that a woman who just got home from the gym could not possibly fall into the “hot” category, and neither can the woman who has put in a little effort, but didn’t really go full Kardashian in her look. Not only this, but if she steps over the 30 minute mark trying to meet this expectation, then HOLY SHIT, she is hiiiiiiiigh maintenance and you wanna’ stay the hell away from that crazy bitch. It’s just another way that women are supposed to be able to find this mystical perfect balance of weird expectations about their looks and grooming habits.

ANYWAYS. I realize that this post is a little bit of an over-reaction/simplification/over-statement, BUT if this is the type of approach that many young men seem to be taking as their FIRST interaction? Their BEST foot forward? THIS is the line that they are throwing out in order to try and entice a lady into going out on a date with them? Well then I guess this lady over here is going to continue her long single journey for some time to come. END RANT.

Also, no picture this post. Womp womp.