the 100 day project

I post on this blog infrequently. It is also one of many blogs that I have started and posted to very infrequently. I’ve even made multiple posts getting all pumped up like, “I WILL WRITE ALL THE TIME!! IT’S HAPPENING!”, only to find myself not posting again for another 6 months. In my early 20s, I used to write a lot; at least several times a week. I’m not sure why exactly I stopped, or when I started judging myself so harshly.

It was recently pointed out to me that I am somewhat of a perfectionist, and so I suppose that I end of putting it off, because I feel like it should be a specific thing – either only smart posts, or only posts kicking off some long, themed documentation process (like my dating life when it was crazier, my move to Toronto, taking over as the host of the CreativeMornings Toronto chapter, or training to run with Parkdale Roadrunners), or more beautiful lifestyle-y posts with lots of pretty photos. And so it never happens. Here is where the valuable tool of peer pressure comes in. For #the100dayproject I am going to write on this blog every GD day. Some of the posts will be pretty, some will be boring, some will be too long or too short, but WHATEVER.

So many things have changed in my life this year, and I have kind of just been letting it all woosh by, and so much of it is undocumented. I feel like I’m going to look back at these years when I’m 60, and all I will have to remember them is a pile of iphone photos… and, you know, real memories… but I always love looking back through projects, through writing and old journals to remind myself of things that I might have otherwise forgotten. I participated in the 365 photo project once, and looking back on that year now, it’s so interesting to see all the changes that I might never have noticed without those photos. Aside from the documentation aspect, I also just miss writing for the sake of writing. Somehow, in my brain I have turned it into something that is only done for the sake of feeling productive, and the productivity trap is such a shitty/irritating one to fall into. HOW ABOUT DOING SOMETHING JUST BECAUSE YOU LOVE IT. OK GREAT, SOUNDS GOOD.

So I guess that this is my first post. One hundred daaaaaaays. ‘k, bye.


2 thoughts on “the 100 day project

    • Yay!! I hope that they’re interesting to read!
      I’m really glad the 100 day project came along when it did. I have been procrastinating on writing more frequently FOREVER, and the peer pressure to keep up really helps!

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