the 100 day project – day 4

If it weren’t for my compulsive tendency to check all social medias all the time (including when I am just crawling into bed), then I would have forgotten today.

Another sick day, and it’s so rainy and thundery here in Toronto right now. While on one hand, I kind of love the heavy rain on the roof because it reminds me of home, on the other hand my heart is going out to pals who are participating in the Covenant House Sleep Out Toronto event where local business and community leaders sleep on the streets for one night to raise awareness and money for homeless youth at Covenant House. Hope you’re staying warm and dry out there tonight, friends!!

Also, shout out to the anonymous person who helped me to reach my tiny personal funding goal for the PDRR 4 HRPR run, to raise money for Toronto’s Ronald McDonald House, happening this weekend! There’s still time to donate! Or also just to come out and cheer as a giant group of us run along the waterfront as part of a 25k relay. It’s gonna’ be a great afternoon!!

Ok, sleep now.


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