the 100 day project day 6 – always on the run


(photo by Parkdale Roadrunners)

Just as Tuesdays nights are for full group Parkdale Roadrunners runs, Saturday mornings are for ladies runs followed by a class with City Yogis, a coffee from Capital, and a smoothie from Bolt.

It is one of the best, and healthiest weekend rituals I have ever held. The women who I run with are strong, and encouraging, and smart, and funny. They are loving and wonderful. I’m not sure what to say about running at the moment other than that lately it feels amazing, and freeing and like a year of putting in time is starting to pay off in so many ways. The Toronto communities that I am a part of are feeling more and more like home, and what better feeling is there in life?

Earlier this year, I was pretty much feeling like my running had plateaued, and then in the past month everything has changed. I upped my weekly kilometres, and allowed myself to connect more with the other runners on my crew. There’s been more bonding, which for me, makes the whole experience more meaningful.

And not that this is the reason that I’m running, but I am FINALLY starting to notice a real difference in the way my body looks, which is hugely encouraging for me. Running is feeling more like a sport and less like a burden.

I don’t know. I don’t want to come across as all OMMMMGGGG RUNNNNIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGG. And all fitness preachy or whatever. Or just all FEELING ALL THE FEELS (like many posts that I write maybe?). But on days when I am feeling stressed or bummed, running helps. And running as part of a community and having that as another venue to connect with other humans who I respect and admire and draw inspiration from is a million times more helpful.

I know that running is not for everyone. And yoga is not for everyone. And sports are not for everyone. But if you’re not currently physically active, I’d like to express just how much it has the potential to truly and deeply transform your entire life for the better. It might take time. It might take a LONG time where you’re gruellingly dragging yourself out the door, but one day out of nowhere, you will notice that somewhere along the way you began to love it. I promise.


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