the 100 day project – day 17


In a few days, I will be moving out of my little one bedroom apartment and into the most giant, old house that I will ever have lived in. It’s pretty exciting. But let’s face it; the actual packing process is the worst ever. It always seems like your juuuuuust about done, and then somehow it takes hours and hours longer than you ever imagined.

Just realized that I wrote about the same thing at the beginning of my blog post yesterday. CLEARLY I am on a loop this week! Packing. More packing. Writing. Work. CreativeMornings. Running. Packing. Full steam ahead until Saturday evening, when the moving truck is all unpacked. Woo!

I realize that this might be one of the most boring of my blog posts, but halfway through I remembered that a deadline I’m trying to meet for a personal essay competition is tomorrow at 5, so I spent my evening writing that instead. GREAT.

On that note, that’s it, that’s all, folks. This girl’s gotta’ sleep.

The end.


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