the 100 day project – day 31

I thought that I had missed another day, but NO it’s just past midnight.

Another good night of running. Another good night of Parkdale and pals. Another good night. I’m reaching towards a new level of athletisism and running this year, but also just reaching a new level of community. Not only are the folks I run with at Parkdale fast, and strong, and encouraging. They are also smart, and interesting, and beautiful, and fun. So really, it’s a full package deal. Again, I knoooooow all of my posts lately are all OMG RUNNING IS THE BEST. But it’s really been my anchor these past few months. The focus of this blog will eventually turn back to other things, but or the moment it’s mainly running and how that community has affected me.

It’s making me feel more secure in my skin. It’s helping me to learn to take a compliment instead of deflecting. It’s giving me a lot of positive things in my life, including drinking less, and taking care of myself more. i eat more vegetables. Don’t get me wrong, I loooooove croissants. And cheese. And I eat them a lot. But lately, I would equally eat a giant veggie and fruit platter for dinner. This isn’t a conscious change. I wasn’t like, HEAAAAAALTH. LET’S GO PALLLEOOOOO (ps. the concept of the paleo diet is a bunch of awful bullshit, and I would never do that. Also, I don’t believe that it’s actually healthy, but I just needed a loud health nut example, alright?!? ALRIGHT.)

Health follows health. And so on this journey to become the best version of myself, while some aspects of this best self are extraordinarily hard won, others happen almost without thinking at all.

If you’d told me last year, that this was where I’d be a year from then, I never would have believed you.

The end.


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