the 100 day project – day 39

This month, I have been totally slacking on CreativeMornings. I wish that it wasn’t true, but it is. The combination of two events back to back, and just a heavy month personally for a number of our org committee members, plus moving to a new home, just completely wiped me out. And i’ve been having a little bit of trouble finding my way back.

So tonight, I finally hunkered down and checked a few things off of my CMTO to do list, and just getting through those things rather than continuing to put them off and become increasingly stressed out about them, has already given me a new wind. It’s funny how that works.

I keep having to remind myself that at the moment, it’s all still a learning process, and I’m still finding my feet as a leader, and not only that, we’re still finding out feet as a chapter. It’s a time of a lot of personal growth, and a lot of figuring out the new balance of my life. It’s been a really incredibly amazing year so far, and it’s only going to keep getting better.


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