day 49-52

I seem to have a million blog post ideas that I want to cover during the hours when I am not sitting here in front of my laptop, and then when it comes time to write, they all melt away into oblivion. Clearly I need to start taking notes.

This past week has been full of meetings, and productivity, and good talks, and hangouts, and dates. And I remembered that I love/hate dates so much because they are exciting and fun, but also confusing and horrible. Right? I hate having to think about this shit.

We’re ramping up for another CreativeMornings event at the end of the week, and it’s nice to be back at it after much to long of a break between events. It’s gonna’ be a good one.

What else… A friend/CMTO colleague is running her first half marathon in Calgary this upcoming weekend, and I sent her off with a card to open the morning of her race. I still can’t believe how emotional running races feels. We both almost started crying just by me handing her the envelope and saying what it was for. I’m so proud of her, and I wish so very much that I could be there to cheer her on in person.

Sometimes tiny gestures of kindness make all the difference in life.



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