the 100 day project – day 76-78


Now for something completely different. Today I posted my dinner on my Instagram and a bunch of people asked about it, so I’m just doing a quick synopsis here.

photo (18)

Today was a hot one, so I decided to make a big salad for dinner. Being a Sunday, I’m also preparing lunches for the week ahead. For this reason, I used the ever popular kale as my base. Kale is great, because it doesn’t wilt like so many other greens. You can dress it and then let it sit in the fridge for days, and it will still be great.

THE KALE – One bunch of kale rinse, and then ripped up (stems discarded). I usually just glug a few teaspoons of olive oil into my kale and then massage it into the whole bowl until all leaves are covered. Let the kale sit for a few minutes, and then generously sprinkle with nutritional yeast (to taste. I use A LOT.) and toasted pumpkin seeds. I also tossed in some kelp noodles for good measure.

BARLEY – As an alternate to quinoa, I often use pearl barley as my salad grain. It feels more substantial, and it’s also nice to mix things up. Prepare according to directions, then add salt and pepper.

TOFU – Cut up a block of firm tofu and then marinated in a mixture of 2tbsp tamari, 1 tsp sesame oil, 1tsp olive oil, sriracha to taste, a dash of apple cider vinegar, a dash of liquid smoke, a tsp of maple syrup, and garlic and ginger to taste. Marinate for at least ten minutes, and then just pan fry until golden.

BEETS – I just washed, peeled and finely sliced some beets. I should probably get a mandoline. Lately I looooooooove just eating thinly sliced beets as an accompaniment to everything. Even better if you can get some beautiful candycane or golden beets. Aside from being great with salad, they are also just a good alternative to carrot sticks to dip in hummus.

I arranged all of the above guys in a bowl, then threw in a giant scoop of plain greek yoghurt, and a giant scoop of sweet potato hummus from a local deli. Hot sauce on everything. Done.

I love quick, satisfying, healthy dinners like this that are a snap to put together, and easily carry you into the week. SALADS FOREVER.

The end.


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