Going Coastal – Week Two

IMG_0250.JPGThis week was the first stage of settling in. And a lot of cycling. A lot. I wish that I’d Strava’d that shit. I’m getting used to the hills, and the gravely shoulders, and the way that traffic works here. I actually biked to Davis Bay to see maybe the most adorable beach cottage ever to potentially rent. It was an hour long ride along the Sunshine Coast Highway, which was mostly fine, but every now and then felt a teeny tiny bit treacherous. There were just moments when the generous shoulder narrowed to almost nothing, and this was usually only if there was a very sharp turn in the highway. A little scary. I found out later that I could have taken the Lower Road for most of my journey, which is less busy, but that is not what Google suggested. LESSON LEARNED. Regardless of minor treachery, the bike ride was still very very beautiful (surprise!) as everything is here. Also, when I biked home after dark, I got to test out my reflective backpack cover, which was amazing, and there were only about 5 cars the whole way home. Woo!

I said no to the beach cottage, because Davis Bay is just a little too far up the coast for my first home up here, but oh god, did it ever hurt my heart to turn it down. I’m not even going to bother sharing photos or it, or the view, because y’all will die. It is magic.

Moving on…

I’ve looked at a few other places this week, and they’ve all been really amazing, with wonderful landlords. I should be hearing back about them in the next day or so, so send me all of the posi vibes you can muster.

Other things.

Made trip to Hopkins Landing with Jac, Theo, and Jess Robson. Then jumped in the ocean for the first time this year.


Popped into the Gumboot, and the Roberts Creek Legion.

Had some pal dinners.


After dinner fam walks.


I also took my first trip into the city for meetings, and it was pretty great. I had meetings with a few fellow freelancers, and a potential client, and they were all pretty lovely and just motivational, and good feeling. They felt really organic, and supportive, and exactly how you want meetings to feel. Also, just in case I hadn’t made it clear how beautiful it is out here. There’s this…

These are some photos from my ferry commute and then when I got stuck in Horseshoe Bay because the ferry was late. Like, are you kidding me? I wasn’t even mad that the ferry was late, because I got some sushi to go and then sat and ate it on the waterfront. Yes, I was home pretty late, and it was a super long day, but like, whoa.
Things continue to be really nice, and I have a very good feeling that I’ll have a place to call my own by the end of next week.

Oh, I also did a bunch of yard work, like lawn mowing and weed whacking. This might not seem like a big deal, but it has been a really long time since I’ve done this kind of physical labour, and like everything it’s really novel and satisfying at the moment.

Also, one more thing. This morning I walked through the forest to go to a roadside farm stand to pick up fresh eggs for bfast. NBD.

The end.


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