I love you even in the rain.

IMG_0452.JPGToday was one of the first rainy days since coming to the Sunshine Coast. If it continues for too long, I may regret saying this, but it was actually a nice break from all of the sunshine.

I also had my first kind of stress-out this morning. It’s a stress-out that will garner absolutely zero sympathy from anyone. It was because I was offered too many great apartments. That’s right. In what I have heard is an unbelievably stressful rental market, I was offered 3 places to live this week. They were all great. And the landlords were all great. It’s a ridiculous problem to have, and I’m going to chalk it up to me being extra charming in my enthusiasm for moving to the coast. Pretty sure that I’m going to end up being friends with at least one of the sets of landlords whose apartment I won’t be living in.

To clear my head a little, and stop myself from overthinking my decision, I went for a long walk in the rain. The sunshine is wonderful, and I love summery days so much, but I also absolutely adore rainy, windy walks in the cold.





I stopped grabbed some sushi from Nagomi and took it over to Gibsons Tapworks to have a pint and read for a bit. Afterwards, I walked home in the rain. The thing about Gibsons is that behind the network of streets, there is also a hidden network of forest trails patchworked across the town. Some of them are obvious, and some are pretty subtle and hidden. I could have probably walked the entire way home through the forest, but I’m still learning. At the moment, half way through the forest will do.


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