Week Three

IMG_0380Week three was a little trickier than the first two weeks. It was the first week that I felt a little squirrely, and nervous, and a bit of “how am I going to do this”. Which is fine. These kinds of feelings come up in every move. It just means that it’s time to start figuring out my Sunshine Coast routine. While I’ve gone for a bunch of walks and bike rides, I haven’t really explored a ton of trails yet, and I think that part of my weekly routine for the rest of the summer is going to be finding some new hike or trails to explore once a week. I’m going to start doing headspace every day again, and going for short runs at least 3 times a week (foot issues permitting). It’s also maybe time to look into where I might be able to host a Wednesday Writing//Coworking Wednesdays type morning here in Gibsons.

I need to add some structure to my days. I love and am so thankful to stay with friends, but I am also eager to move into my own place in the next few weeks to start setting my own schedule, and habits, and such. On the other side of that, I’m also nervous to move into my own place because won’t I get lonely? It’s not necessarily the easiest to just swing by someone’s house on the regular, or to meet up for a quick coffee. I mentioned in a previous post that 99% of the folks who I know up here have small children, so their routines are a little more set or also subject to naps and things going as planned. Plus I’m still new. Patience, right? All of these things will take time.

To counter my mild antsy-ness, Friday night, I went and read over beer at Persephone Brewing. Then I went into the city on Saturday for Sunday Cider’s first Summer Sizzler, and it was great. Hung out with Matt Milligan, and ran into a lot of folks who I hadn’t seen in ages and ages, as well as some other Coasters.


Afterwards, MM and I went to La Mezcaleria for dinner, then did a quick swing by Dude Chilling Park before I realized I had to leave or risk missing the last ferry back to Gibsons. I left East Van at 8ish, and didn’t make it home until 11pm and it was the first time that I wished for a car. That being said, I still feel the need to emphasize that though the commute was long, it was still 100% pleasant. I got a snack. I read. I watched the sun set over the ocean. It was fine.


Sunday was spent catching up on emails, and some work projects. Then today I finally filed my GST for the first time ( a teeny bit late) and ended up with a bit of a not great tax surprise. I won’t get into that here, but uggggggggggggggh. Ended the day with sushi in the park and then icecream on the waterfront, because this little guy turned 3 today.

I can’t believe how big he is. And how much I love his goofy grin, and his funny little bouncy run. If for no other reason, I am so glad that this move back to the coast will allow me to be more a part of his life as he gets bigger, and that he’ll know me and that I’ll get to teach him things, and walk him to school, and take him to the park and all of those things that aunt’s do. Happiest birthday, Theodore.


More lessons learned so far.

Certain groceries and eating out are more expensive than on the mainland. This one should have been obvious, because of course they are. Cheese and tofu are more expensive. Hummus is RIDICULOUS. Farm fresh eggs are cheaper. Most produce is about the same.

People are v friendly. Also because of course they are. It’s true what they say about people banding together in smaller towns, and supporting each other, and wanting to chat, and just being super kind.

It is hard to eat out on a Wednesday. A pal and I tried to go out for dinner on Wednesday night and made the rounds at 4 different places before finding somewhere to eat. Lunitas was closed. The food trucks at the breweries aren’t open on Wednesdays. We went to Absolutely Thai, which is apparently really good, but it would have been 45 minutes for food. So we ended up at The Gumboot. Apparently most things are only open Thursday – Sunday, so good to know for the future!

Not really a lesson, but so excited for all of the different coast berry seasons. I used to eat all of the salmonberries, and huckleberries, and thimbleberries in my youth, and they’re all slowly blooming and coming into season and I can’t waaaaaaaaaaaait.

PS. This type of signage is a regular part of my life now.




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