Coast Vibes – Week Seven

IMG_1097.JPGLate weekly post, post-long weekeeeeend.

So what are the main things that happened this past week on the Sunshine Coast? For one, I moved! Wooooooo. I finally have my own place. I am so so thankful to have pals to stay with while getting settled in in Gibsons (thanks, Clayton and Jacqueline!) but holy moly does it ever feel good to finally be doing a bit of nesting and settling into my own spot. It’s a 2 bedroom, and I still need to find a roommate, but I decided to give myself the month of July on my own.

I didn’t take any furnished photos (whyyyyyy) so I won’t share apartment things in this post, but I’ll maybe do a mid-week update to show what it looks like.

The day that I moved in, I went into the city for the day and donated blood, had a meeting with Miranda Cyr of Evening Rounds, and got a haircut with the one and only Marleau. I also ran into a pal both on the ferry into the city and on the way back, which was pretty nice.

It was a pretty long day, and when I got home the cats were nowhere to be found. Nowhere. I looked for 20 minutes. Usually even if they are hiding, when I get home, they will come out of hiding, or at least give a few meows. Nothing. Aaaaaand, then I found Rosemary. She had crawled into a hole in the wall and gotten stuck there. WAY TO GO, ROSEMARY. Thomas, as it turns out, was just chilling quietly in a drawer. J came over to help me figure out what to do. Being the generally non-handy type, I didn’t know what I could saw through drywall with a bread knife, so saw I did. It took a few rounds before Rosemary could get herself out. WHAT A JERK. My landlords are currently on vacation, and it would have been nice if my first post-move in communication had not been “hi! I had to cut my cat out of the wall. ps. is there asbestos in the drywall??” (there wasn’t).

Now, hole in the wall free, the cats are the happiest ever; I’m pretty sure that they were convinced that they would be living in one room for the rest of their lives, and all the space is making the giddy. That, and being able to hang out with me wherever I am in the house.


Other things

  • I had a visit with my downstairs neighbour and it turns out that she and her partner are serious ultra runners! AHHHH. This is so great. I can’t wait to pick her brain more about ultras, and to learn more about the trails up here, and the running community.
  • Jenn McRae is staying! Hurraaaaay. My one single lady friend was going to maybe be moving away, and now she’s not moving, so yaaaaaay.
  • Went for a trail run with Grace, which was great until I bailed, and effed my ankle again a tiny bit. Noooooo. It’s a bit tender, but I’ve been icing, and stretching, and ibuprofening, and I think that it’s going to be ok.
  • Matt Milligan came to visit. Pals. Pals. Pals. It was just for day, but it was so nice to have a pal come in from the city. We just had a chill day of beers, bike rides, and beach hangs. Nothing helps a place feel more homey than hosting.


I think that I’m going to start breaking these posts into twice weekly updates. As it is, it feels like too much of  drive by, where I kind of skim the surface of what life had been like. Amiright? MORE DETAILS.

Aside story. Mail here is delivered to group boxes, instead of to your front door. They’re little tiny boxes. A few weeks ago I had a package delivered and thought I’d have to go all the way to the post office to get it. But no, instead, when you get a package, the post-person puts a key in your mailbox to another larger mailbox to get your package. Neat right? I didn’t take photos at the time, but ran into my neighbour at the mailbox when she was getting a package. IMG_1063

That’s all for now.


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