The Weekly Coastal

IMG_2051.JPGThis week was a blur of client work, emails, co-working space prep, and some pal hangs.

I’m finding myself itching for time in a larger city, and more people, and cafes, and energy and run crews. It’s fine. I knew that this would happen. And I felt the same longing for outdoor space when I was in the city. Moving to any new place is filled with uncertainty and pangs of missing or longing for something else in the early days. Your brain rattles around with fear and doubt that you made the wrong decision. And flip flops between thinking that this was the best idea ever, and OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE. Things take time.

In the vein of things taking time, I’m looking ahead to ultras for next year, and I think that I’m going to run Fat Dog next year. Not 100% sure which distance, but I’m looking at the 50 or 70 mile. I find that no matter what else is going on, if I have a race to train for, it puts things in perspective. Fat Dog is still a year away, but with a few prep races in between, I’ll be good to go. Honestly, I have mostly not been running as much as I’d like because of bears? I know that black bears are mostly not a problem in terms of aggressiveness, but running into two to of them while on foot in one week was a lot. I tend to zone out in my own little world while running, and understandably, I’m not interested in more bear surprises. Soooo… this week I’m going to go to MEC and pick up all of the bear things that I need to feel safe on solo runs.

Other things

Work Bae and I had our first Ikea trip, and day of Ikea furniture assembly, and still came out with smiles, so that’s a pretty good sign for our working relationship style. Jenn and I have a lot of big dreams for the Coast, and it’s exciting to feel like we’re starting a journey together.

IMG_2022.JPGThe workspace is coming together, and it’s going to look so good. We’ve assembled some furniture, getting our tables in this weekend, and then final push on space details next week. Ah!

Exciting things for the Coast – We did a trip to the city with the Sunshine Coast Regional Economic Development Organization, to tour some different work/maker/collaborative spaces, and it’s been really exciting to dream about the possibilities for the Sunshine Coast, and to meet more people who are interested in community development.

IMG_2025.JPGAs much as I have loved summer, I am getting really excited for fall. This summer has been pretty hectic and busy for everyone that I know, so the pace of fall will actually lend more time to weekend pal visits and dinners and things. On the flip side, a lot of my personal and work projects will finally be off the ground in the fall, and I’m excited to hunker down into work mode.

Coast moment! Was biking to a pal’s house for a little party, and saw a danish walnut side table by the side of the road. Tried for a few minutes to put it on my bike handlebars, and realizing I couldn’t, hid it in a bush in the forest to be picked up the next day. Mission accomplished.

Things in the weeks to come

I need to make more space for myself to visit the city for fun and just to have a nice time and not feel rushed.

I need to make time for personal projects that I’ve been putting off for months.

I need to make a solid workout/running schedule for myself.

I need to prioritize getting a licence, and searching for a car.



That’s all of now friends. Until next week.



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