The Weekly Coastal

My writing has felt a little distracted the past few weeks.

As September draws closer, there’s less room for bloggy introspection, and more energy is being spent getting projects off the ground, or with friends, or in real life introspection. I’m also starting to write more offline again. A little more personal. A little less public facing. And there’s only so much writing energy to go around.

BUT that’s part of what a writing practice is, right? This weekly update isn’t just about my thoughts, feelings and observations moving to a small town; it’s also about cultivating a weekly practice of writing EVEN WHEN some posts feel heavy and boring to get through. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Not all writing that you do will be good.  Not every run you go on will be magical. Not every mindfulness session will be filled with stillness. And that’s ok. Sometimes, it’s just about moving through it, and coming out on the other side.

All of that being said, here are some POINT FORM notes about this past week:

  • We got our tables. THANK THE LORD. But actually mostly huge thanks to Theunis Snyman for building us some really beautiful long tables for the new space. They are just the best, and Jenn and I could not be more grateful.

sneak peak

  • We’re soft launching on September 5th! If you live on the Sunshine Coast, come and check us out for free any time in our first week! #15 – 292 Gower Point Road, Gibsons.
  • Giving into mostly cycling and not running as much as I’d like at the moment, since it’s been really hot this week, and also still bears but no anti-bear things. I never in my life, thought that I would be in a place that my main deterrent to evening runs would be bears.
  • Jenn had a party at her house this past weekend and it was just the best. Met all sorts of lovely folks from the Coast and not from the Coast. And I finally had a chance to meet her roommates, who I’ve heard so many great things about. Also, holy moly was the sky fantastic this weekend. What better way to spend a Saturday night, than on the beach with pals, watching shooting stars, and a bright orange crescent moon fall slowly into the sea? Not too shabby.
    I haven’t been one to crash at pals’ homes post-party in many many years, but such is life on the Coast sometimes. If you’re going to be drinking, you just stay the night. It’s planned for, and most people have some sort of comfortable guest sleeping arrangement. In the morning, there were swims and bfast tacos, and that was pretty nice. Likewise, if I’m in the city, I stay with friends. It’s a funny throwback to youthful times, in more grownup ways.
  • Facilitated a workshop at Brainstation last week, and it was kind of scary, but it went really well. It was tough to tell for the first hour if anyone was finding value in the info I was sharing, but then in the second half there was more discussion and questions, and at closing a bunch of participants came up to ask me questions one-on-one. One asked if I could facilitate a workshop at her work. Woo! All around good feedback, so I think that I’ll probably be doing it again. The difference with this workshop is that it was Brainstation’s content with my own experience layered on top of it, which I found a little bit less intuitive than creating the flow of the workshop myself. But all in all, it was a really great experience.
  • I’ve always known that Vancouver wasn’t a BIG city, but after the Brainstation workshop on Thursday, I walked around downtown and then went to Strathcona to stay with pals, stopping at the Union on the way to get dinner. And after living in Gibsons for three months, Vancouver FELT like a city. In a good way. It had that kind of city buzz, and there were people on the streets, and it was hot out, and I sat on a patio next to some cute strangers, and it was a strange feeling to suddenly feel like a tourist in my own town. Home but no longer home. Biked into strath, and drank wine on the porch with Amy and Ayma and then snoozed and got to see Meagan in the morning.
  • FINALLY saw Amber and Cody in real life. Yesssssss. You wouldn’t think that it would be tough to coordinate with pals who live right next door (so to speak). But when you have conflicting weekend plans, and work schedules and out of town trips, sometimes life just gets in the way. Was such a nice feeling to finally catch up with these two lovelies.
  • Hair-cutted. Marleau has been my hair dresser whenever I’ve lived in Vancouver, since I was 21. It’s one of the longest relationships in my life; she’s seen me through datings and breakups and jobs and moves. And I’ve seen her through the same. I’m not sure what to say other than that. She’s a woman I admire greatly, and getting to sit in her chair and visit is a treat.
  • Had another therapy session this week. I never know how much of this process to reveal, because even though I believe in transparency, I also think that there’s still such a stigma about therapy, and mental health issues, and sometimes it feels a little too naked to talk about these things so openly. My therapist suggested that I might actually have some PTSD from family things, and that had never occurred to me before but it totally makes sense. Emotional trauma lives in the body. It sets up shop and creeps into your bones and muscles, and it takes work to let it out. A new exercise to try if I feel anxiety in my body is to do a mental check in with my physical self and tell myself that I’m safe. It feels silly saying it, and feels weirdly childlike, but also makes complete sense. When your fight or flight kicks in for no reason, it’s important to let your body know that it’s ok.
  • The ocean is everything.


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