The Weekly Coastal – Changes


What happened this week? A lot.

  • Jenn and I had our first week at FUSE. We made drop-ins free in the first week, and we had a lot of traffic through. In particular, we had a lot of independent women who are new to the Coast, which I guess isn’t surprising. We’re now in our first week of members-only, which makes me feel a bit stressed out, because WHAT IF WE DON’T GET ANY MEMBERS?! But I know that that’s not going to happen. We have a few partnerships on the go, and we’ve sold some drop-in packs, which is great for our second week in. I’m eager to get started event planning, and getting more people through the space. Jenn and I have been talking about doing regular long table dinners, and I can’t wait to get those off the ground – community plus food plus new biz vibes plus drinks plus pals is our ultimate jam.


  • I decided to postpone the launch of CreativeMornings on the Sunshine Coast for one more month. Before FUSE came into my life, it made perfect sense to go full steam ahead for a September launch, but then putting together a new business took all of the energy and spirit that I would have poured into CM, and I would rather postpone it and release something that I’m really proud of than force it, just because I had the idea that September was the time. I’m excited to be able to turn more of my efforts to this over the next month.
  • It’s only been a week back at crossfit, and I can already feel my muscles coming back to me, which is the best feeling. My brain still wants to push my body further than it’s ready to go, but I’m feeling less and less stiffness in my muscles with every class that goes by. I was worried about joining a new gym, because you never know with crossfit what you’re going to get. Too often it can end up being someone who did a quick certification and just wants to push without really knowing enough about overall training, injury recovery etc etc. But the owner at Coastal Community Crossfit in Gibsons knows his shit, has a sense of humour, and is great. Thank GOD.
  • I forgot to mention last week that I learned to shuck oysters, and also killed a crab (Thanks for the lesson, Theunis!). The oyster part was fun, and the crab part was mildly traumatizing. You have to cut REALLY hard through their shells, which I guess is not surprising, but like, it was a lot harder than I expected even with a v sharp knife. I always said though that if I were to eat animals again from time to time that I should probably be ok with killing them, so there you have it.



  • Went into the city this weekend, and hung out with pals, and made more new pals, and had a really nice time going for drinks Friday, and to a party on Saturday, and to Lighthouse Park on Sunday. Great weekend in the city, all around. Extra good weekend, because I also got a ride to the ferry, and then saw pals on the ferry and got a ride home too. Yesssssssssss. Also, I spent a bunch of money on clothes which I maybe should not have done, but also it’s been a while, so I’m letting it slide.


  • I finally booked a driving lesson. Coast tiiiiime. It took calling the driving school like 5 times, and emailing them twice before they finally called me back today. Driving – here I come! Finally.

Back at having some structure in life because of space coverage at FUSE is weird but good. Not crazy about the packing lunch part, but I’m sure I’ll survive.

That’s all for now, BBs. Love and hugs until next week. Bye.

The Weekly Coastal

IMG_2117Like last week, I’m still feeling scattered and unfocused as I sit down to write this post. There are so many projects and things pulling me in so many different directions at the moment, and I’m incredibly happy and thankful and excited and exhausted. I realized today that I haven’t taken an honest to goodness vacation in about 4 years. I’m talking real time off without checking my email, or a side project, or some freelance work, or a job hunt. *phew* So, putting it out there, a goal for 2018 is to take one whole week away. Not because I don’t love my work, but because even if you love something, taking time away from it and unplugging is a good thing. Amiright?

OMG. I launched a co-working space.
Today was an exciting day. After planning, and scheming, and varnishing, and so much work, Jenn McRae and I re-launched FUSE Community Work Hub today. And it felt gooooooood. The space looks amazing, and it has so much room to grow into itself and evolve. We had about 15 people through the doors of our tiny space this morning, at least a few of whom are planning to work in the space regularly, and who are new to the Coast. Jenn has been an absolutely amazing friend and business partner through this whole process so far, and I am so thankful that she came into my life. We are going to build big, exciting things together, and FUSE is just the first step.

When I moved to the Coast a few months ago, I knew that I had the intention of creating a beautiful co-working space sometime in the next year, and I never in a million years dreamed that one would just quite literally fall into my lap. Sheila and Mark Cameron, the owners of FUSE, have been so trusting and supportive with the business, and some days I actually just can’t believe this is real life. Is this real life?

On the flip side of that, FUSE has taken up almost all of my time and energy recently, and I am seriously behind on other things in my life right now. Seriously. Very very behind. Fall is here, and I’m confident that now being in an actual workspace, and also cooler fall days will help to bring everything together.

Reunited and it feels so good
Randomly had the nicest surprise this weekend, when Lindsay Elliott was up in Gibsons shooting a wedding and gave me a last minute shout to grab a beer at Tapworks. We haven’t seen each other in years, and it was such a nice hang. Hopped over to Gramma’s Pub where the bride-to-be invited me to the dancing part of the reception, and spent the next night dancing harder than I’ve danced in a v long time. The reception was at Hopkins Landing, and biking down North Road after dark was a new and interesting experience. Late-ish night bikerides here on the Coast are at once 1) incredibly beautiful and serene, because silence, darkness, forests, and stars and 2) a tiny bit terrifying because of the desire to not startle bears. So you can’t help but look at the stars in awe, but also you are singing loudly to yourself and ringing your bike bell repeatedly to let the bears know that you’re on your way. Ryan Anderson was also at the reception, who I also haven’t seen in years and years, so it was a pretty great double old pal catch up all around. Crashed in Lindsey’s room for a few hours post reception, and then woke in the wee hours to bike home and sleep the rest of the night in my own bed.

Thick thighs save lives
I started crossfit this week, and holy hell am I in rough shape right now. I almost died doing 150 wallballs, which would have gotten me feeling awfully tired before, but would not have made it tough to walk for a few days. I knew that this was coming, but it’s never fun going through that initial period of disconnect between your brain and body, where your brain still believes that it’s fit af, and your body actually just needs time to re-awaken itself and get back into things. The strength will come back. The movements will come back. The ease will come back. Like so many things in my life right now, this is only the beginning.